WATCH: Lena Dunham Talks About Her First Time ‘With’ Barack Obama [VIDEO]

October 26th, 2012 // 1 Comment
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Lena Dunham
Do you remember your first time?

In what my good friend Scott Lyon calls “the best ad of the political season,” Girls creator and star Lena Dunham really delivers the goods.

Girls creator and star Lena Dunham recalls her first time voting in a new ad endorsing President Obama. She also urges young female voters to make their “first time” with someone who cares about women’s rights.

“Your first time shouldn’t be with just anybody,” Dunham says. “You want to do it with a great guy … Someone who really cares about and understands women. A guy who cares whether you get health insurance, specifically whether you get birth control.”

Dunham then asks voters to think about how they’ll spend the next four years, and says, “In college-age time, that’s 150 years.” At the end of the ad, Dunham recounts how “amazing” her first time voting for Barack Obama was.

The edgy ad has conservative groups all in a flutter. 

Neoconservative New York Post columnist John Podhoretz called the ad an “unwise political move.” He then said that he was a “great admirer” of Dunham’s, but doesn’t think “appealing to undecided voters in the Midwest is in her skill set.”

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By Michael Prieve

  1. JeromeMJ

    It is official. New York girls are completely superficial, dumbed-down, imbeciles. Lena is offered up as an intelligient person but her lack of understanding and fair play doom her unless she can gain some modicum of wisdom. To insinuate that whether or not birth control is covered by insurance is what this election is about only backs the contention that this election is about getting young women of her age a good enough job that can cover the $12 a month that birth control costs.
    This election is not about women’s rights. If it was then women would have elected Hillary Clinton 4 years ago as she represented the more capable person. According to Lena it is about which man you will have sex with and that is a shame. The Presidential election should be about who can run a country.

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