WATCH: Lea Michele Speaks About Cory Monteith’s Death & Performs ‘Cannonball’ On ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Lea Is Emotional At 2013 TCA
Lea Michele fought back tears at the 2013 Teen Choice Awards.
I thought that at this point I would be immune to having emotions while watching Lea Michele talk about Cory Monteith. Turns out that is not the case.

The Glee star, who recently released her single “Cannonball”, popped over to The Ellen DeGeneres Show for an intimate chat about the actor who sadly passed away in July.

For Lea, going to work after his death was always what she needed to do. “What people … don’t understand is that going to work is no harder than being at home…and opening up a closet and seeing a pair of shoes. There’s this is grief goes with you everyday whatever you’re doing.” 

I’d say that Lea has been doing pretty well considering. Maybe it all stems from something her mom told her:

“It’s been only a few months, but my mom has experienced a lot of loss in her life and she told me at one point, there is an empowerment that comes with grief—at some point you find it. It’s very hard but you will find it, and I think at a certain point you can choose to sort of fall from this or you can choose to rise. And that’s what I’m just trying to do my best for him, cause I know that that’s what he would have wanted.”

That is really rather beautiful. Check out the video above to watch Lea talking about Cory and about what a friend Kate Hudson was after the death. Then watch her performance of “Cannonball” below. That girl is very talented.