WATCH: Lana Del Rey Twirls To Her Heart’s Content In Bel Air Video

Lana Del Rey has just released a video for her brand new song “Bel Air.”

Lana’s video is simple – with the singer standing in the middle of a color-changing fog exchanging mysterious glances with the camera.

However, my favorite part of the video is when she twirls (albeit in slow motion, but she twirls), because no one, and I mean no one, can twirl like Lana Del Rey.

“Bel Air” serves as the closing track on her new EP, which is out in the UK on November 12 and a day later in the US. The collection will also be released as a deluxe edition of her debut album Born To Die.

Read the full lyrics to “Bel Air” over at, then let us know what you think of Pink’s new video by sounding off in the comments.

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