WATCH: Lana Del Rey Performed On ‘American Idol’ Last Night [VIDEO]

March 23rd, 2012 // 2 Comments
Lana On 'SNL'
Lana Del Rey on Saturday Night Live
Lana Del Rey's panned 'SNL' performance. Watch »

Lana Del Rey on the Thursday night, March 22 episode of American Idol before another contestant was eliminated. Lana sang her viral hit “Video Games”, and the later performed her debut single “Free” for the first time on stage. Both of them pre-taped their performances.

Wearing a short sleeveless dress, Del Rey did a little sway back and forth as she crooned the somber tune.

While it remains to be seen if people will ever forget Del Rey’s widely panned Saturday Night Live performance, but the singer did seem a bit more at ease.

Watch her performance and let us know what you think of it in the comments. 

Oh, just in case you wondered, Erika Van Pelt was eliminated after receiving the lowest number of votes and failing to receive the judges’ save.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Ree

    Del Ray’ appearance on American Idol was the most pathetic, droneful, boring semblance of a “performance” EVER ! ! ! ! ! Could not understand hardly a word. The only thing nice I can say about it is she looked stunning in the cute outfit and she is pretty – - which she is well aware of as well.

  2. LLO

    I agree with you about the performance. It was as painful to watch as a Mary Catherine Gallagher performance on SNL. The only difference is that Mary Catherine’s performance is supposed to be funny. As for the stunning part- I disagree, she reminds me of a cross between Julia Roberts and the T-mobile pik girl without either of their personalities. She is just a product of a well oiled PR machine that will eventually find another flavor of the month.

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