WATCH: Kids React To The 2012 Election (And Big Bird!) [VIDEO]

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Everyone is discussing the debate and letting it all sink in. Soon enough, we’ll all be getting ready to elect the President of the United States! Will it be current President Barack Obama or former Governor of Massachusetts, Mitt Romney? Only time will tell…

We should all be focused on what’s best for the future generations. When we’re gone, they’re the ones who will have to deal with what the world has become. Instead of having a “popularity contest”, which most democracies turn into, we should be selecting the candidate who is putting the most on the table. The world needs to become a better place, with better conditions, for those who will have to live in it fifty, or even a hundred years from now.

Does anyone really listen to what children think? No. Many people have the mentality that if you’re not eighteen and you can’t vote, you don’t have I say. Thinking that way sounds at least a little bit unfair to the children, doesn’t it? They have opinions just like the rest of us, except they’re patronized if they express them.

Shouldn’t we listen to what they have to say too? What little girl wants to hear that Romney was handed “binders full of women”? I almost wonder how many of the girls imagined women hanging out in a large binder.

The most priceless reaction was when one of the little boys gave his opinion on PBS, Sesame Street, and Big Bird. That seemed to be the most heart-wrenching part for them.

Kids say the darndest things, right? Check out what these kids have to say and who they think should be president! Their opinions might surprise you!