WATCH: Keri Russell Wants To Live The Jane Austen Life In ‘Austenland’

Keri Russell
Russell frolicked with Adam Sandler for 'Bedtime Stories.'
Now, some of you may not know about my deep love and affection for all things Jane Austen. Therefore you don’t understand just how excited I am for the new movie, Austenland. Well, allow me to explain.

OH MY GOD I AM SO EXCITED FOR AUSTENLAND! Guys, it’s a movie about a girl obsessed with Jane Austen who goes to an all Austen all the time retreat. Like, for real! The movie stars Keri Russell, Bret McKenzie, JJ Field, Jane Seymour and way more.

Seriously, I’m gonna watch the shit out of this movie. 

The plot seems a bit reminiscent of the mini-series, Lost In Austen, which–if you like Pride & Prejudice–you must see! Austenland follows the story of Jane, played by Keri, who finds herself constantly searching for her own Mr. Darcy. Think she’ll find him? You’ll just have to watch!

Check out the trailer above and tell us how excited you are for Austenland in the comments. You best believe that I’ll be the first person in line when it opens on August 11.