WATCH: Josh Brolin Rails Against Cabbie At Del Taco Drive-Thru, Ends Night With Bar Fight

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This was a rough weekend for Irish pub bouncers, cab drivers and severely intoxicated actors named Josh Brolin.

The 45-year-old star of films such as True Grit and Men in Black 3 was involved in not one, but two public altercations this past Friday.

The first occurred at the most dignified of arenas, a Del Taco drive-thru: after Brolin rear-ended a taxi, he failed to provide insurance information, but proceeded to rail at the cabbie, “You suck as a cab driver!” The man must’ve really wanted his chicken soft tacos.

Shortly afterward, Brolin was caught swinging fists at a bouncer in an Irish pub. The source claims the actor wasn’t willing to leave after the bar’s closing time, and fueled by liquid/Del Taco courage, (unsuccessfully) engaged in fisticuffs. The strangest part was that during the scuffle, the bouncer calmed Brolin down by claiming they were just hugging, and then they did just that: hug.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time Brolin has been caught for bad behavior: the actor rang in the New Year by getting arrested for public intoxication.

So, are you surprised by Josh Brolin’s wild weekend or is this just another day in the life? Let us know in the comments!

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