WATCH: Jon Stewart And Stephen Colbert Battle For The Title Of Biggest ‘Star Wars’ Fan

'Star Wars' Stars
Where are they now?
Sometimes people combine Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert and Star Wars and make me very, very happy.

The folks at Omaze (that’s the group that raises money for charity by letting fans enter for ridiculously awesome prizes) released this video of the duo today battling over the title of Biggest Star Wars Fan.

Umm, sorry boys. I would beat both of you. But it’s cute that you’re trying. And ridiculously hysterical. 

Jon and Stephen are raising awareness for Force for Change, which lets fans enter for a chance to win a role in Star Wars Episode VII: Let’s Hope J.J. Abrams Doesn’t Fuck This One Up. All of the proceeds from the giveaway go towards UNICEF, so you can feel good about entering to win.

Watch the video above and prepare to have Jon and Stephen make you laugh, almost as much as they’re making each other laugh. Now if you’ll excuse, I have money to give UNICEF.