WATCH: Jimmy Fallon And Florence Welch Sing ‘Balls In Your Mouth’ [VIDEO]

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Florence Welch appears at the Met Ball looking washed out.
Funny man, Jimmy Fallon is known for saying and doing things most people normally wouldn’t. Guests on his show always have an interesting or hilarious story to share. Sometimes I wonder if during show preparations he asks them to share something humorous, or if they just get funnier around him. Anything seems possible.

Florence Welch of Florence + the Machine made an appearance on his show, helping him supply a lot of laughs to the shows live audience, and television audience. I wouldn’t have expected to see a song titled, “Balls In Your Mouth” on any show, not even his.

According to Fallon, this is a song he wrote after the BP oil spill. I’ve never heard it before and I’m sure many other people can say the same thing. Brilliant singer, Welch, chimes in during his act and the song turns out great! Too bad they didn’t do a mash-up with one of her songs!

What do you think of their duet? Awarding winning or a complete flop?