WATCH: Jennifer Lopez’s Neon Fest ‘Goin’ On’ Music Video

JLo's Bikini Body
Jennifer Lopez shows off her bikini body.
Jennifer Lopez's Looks
Jennifer Lopez's red carpet hits and misses.
A video for Jennifer Lopez’s “Goin’ In” has debuted on MTV on Wednesday, July 25. In it, J.Lo wears a lot of neon sparkly outfits. The set looks eye-popping with neons and lights everywhere. Colorful walls serve as backdrops for her and the back-up dancers.

Some clips from Step Up Revolution are also added in the music video. Featuring Flo Rida, the track is a part of the movie’s soundtrack.

The catchy chorus goes like this…

Tonight feels like we can do anything we like, oh
Tonight feels like the best night of my life
I’m goin’ in, i’m goin’ in, i’m goin’ in
I’m goin’ in, i’m goin’ in, in in in in

Watch the video above and check out the full lyrics for the song at