WATCH: Jennifer Lawrence Shares Her Butt Plug Story With ‘Conan’

Jennifer Is Awesome
10 reasons we love Jennifer Lawrence!
There’s no doubt that Jennifer Lawrence has a lot of amazing stories.

I mean, when you’re that young, successful and beautiful, there’s bound to be a bunch of crazy thing that happen along the way. Still, none of it could have prepared us for the story JLaw shared last night on Conan.

Guess what the most embarrassing thing a hotel maid has ever found in Jennifer’s room is? Butt plugs! As she put it, she’d gotten “a copious amount of butt plugs” as a joke, and didn’t know what to do with them when the maid was coming. 

She hit them under the bed, but lo and behold, when she got back, all the butt plugs were neatly arranged on her bedside table. Embarrassing and amazing. Watch the video above to see Jennifer tell the story. You’ll be dying of laughter. What’s your most embarrassing hotel story? Let us know in the comments!