WATCH: Jennifer Aniston And Her Mini ‘Friends’ Reunion

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Aww. Rachel, Monica and Chandler, together again.

Jennifer Aniston has reunited with some of her former Friends co-stars for a skit.

The actress, who played Rachel Green in the hit comedy, teamed up with Matthew Perry and Courteney Cox to poke fun at their former characters to promote her upcoming appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Jennifer is set to co-host the famous US talk show today, with Ellen’s actress wife Portia de Rossi appearing as a guest. 

“Tomorrow, my good friend Jennifer Aniston is co-hosting the show and Portia is the guest! It can’t get much better than this,” the chat show veteran tweeted earlier this week, before sharing a picture of herself and the actress working on a script. “Jennifer Aniston and I are working on tomorrow’s show. She’ll be co-hosting with me. With the number of pens we have, you can tell it’s going to be funny.”

In the promo clip for the highly-anticipated episode, Jennifer arrives at Matthew’s house to ask advice on how to be a funny Ellen co-host. The Hollywood star is shocked when after an awkward conversation with her former co-star, fellow Friends actress Courteney appears at the door.

With Matthew’s character Chandler Bing married to Courteney’s Monica Geller, it appears that the two have been enjoying an off-screen liaison, too.

However, Jennifer is outraged when Ellen’s wife Portia appears shortly after, with Ellen then crawling out of the luxurious mansion on all fours.

Does this satisfy your Friends reunion craving?

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By Michael Prieve

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