WATCH: Jeff Gordon Teams Up With Pepsi MAX To Hilariously Prank A Skeptic Journalist

Erin Cosgrove | February 28, 2014 - 3:00 pm

Queen B
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My fondness for this video is off the charts.

All of us can enjoy a good prank, right? Fridays are grueling – the end of the week taunting us and all. Now is the chance to let off a little steam and enjoy a laugh or two.

Jeff Gordon teamed up with Pepsi Max to do a fun prank called Test Drive. Curious about what it entails? Good. You should be.

Dressed in a disguise, Gordon drives erratically in a taxi cab, frightening the victim sitting in the backseat. They have absolutely no idea it’s him and are forced to sit there in horror.

Automotive journalist, Travis Okulski was skeptical. Could the race car driver really pull of such a prank?

Pepsi proposed doing another video. This time the skeptic would be the victim. Genius, right? Hilarity ensues when Jeff dresses up as an ex-convict who is driving the journalist.

State police pretend to pull him over. Returning to jail is just not an option for this con so he decides to speed off. I love Travis’ reaction so much more than I probably should.

Treat yourself to this video and be prepare to be amused! Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!