WATCH: James McAvoy Brings A New Level Of Sexy In This Behind The Scenes Look At His Prada Ad Campaign

James, Hugh & Michael
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Umm, so remember when we saw the first photos from James McAvoy’s Prada ad campaign? And it was high up there on the list of Sexiest Things Ever?

Well it may have just been topped by this behind the scenes video released by Prada this week. Let me just preface it by saying there are glasses and long coats. I’m like 100% sure the people at Prada read my diary and made this video just for me.

It is so, so, so perfect. 

I feel like James McAvoy doesn’t often get the hotness recognition that he deserves, but hopefully these Prada ads will remind everyone what a national treasure he is. Actually, international treasure. God I love him.

Watch the video above and be prepared to swoon. I would suggest being on a soft surface when you watch it, that way you don’t hurt yourself.