WATCH: Hilarity Ensues When Jimmy Kimmel Asks Children If They Know Any Naughty Words

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"Do You Know Any Naughty Words?"
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I feel like if Bill Cosby were still on there air, this would have been a segment on Kids Darndest Things.

Alas, he is not. Luckily, we have Jimmy Kimmel who enjoys making audience members and viewers feel amused.

The question today is: what naughty words to young children know?

After watching a video of a little boy whose uncle asked him what naughty words he knew, Kimmel felt inspired and took to Hollywood Boulevard to ask the children there. Before they shared, their parents gave permission.

Many of the children knew mild words and phrases we use daily such as: stupid, hush, dumb, and shut up. Some got creative with, “you’re ugly”, “pony boy”, and “I hate you”. I wonder how often they use those in their daily lives.

Check out these adorable kids sharing their knowledge in this humorous video!

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By Erin Cosgrove

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