WATCH: Henry Cavill Takes The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge In Full ‘Superman’ Attire

Shirtless Henry Cavill!
The 'Man Of Steel' star goes shirtless on set.
Yes, I know. I know I said that I was done writing about the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. But come on you guys, it’s Henry Cavill. Dressed as Superman. How could I pass up this opportunity?!

Henry and his Batman V Superman: What Are The Chances Henry Will Be Shirtless in This One? co-star Amy Adams took the challenge today, after she was nominated by her partner and Henry by everyone.

And poor Henry, he had a Benedict Cumberbatch-like dousing

Just bucket. After bucket. After bucket. Of course I’m a bit miffed he’s not shirtless or in a white shirt, but that Supermancostume does hug him in the tightest of places. Also, I feel like there’s a costume designer somewhere freaking out. You’re not supposed to eat in costume, let alone take ice bucket challenges.

Luckily the water was very cold. Check out the challenge above and prepare to laugh. Benedict’s is still my favorite, but this one from Henry is pretty good too.