WATCH: Gentleman Norman Teaches You The Proper Way To Tie A Tie

Holiday Celebration
Cats and dogs really appreciate the Halloween season.
One of the required classes in school for people of both genders should be “how to tie a tie”. Perhaps that could be part of an economics class?

Until that lovely day, we have Gentleman Norman who is more than happy to instruct us on the art of tie tying.

You better listen up, he’ll only provide instruction once.

The dapper canine lent us uneducated folks information on three different ways to tie: The Four in Hand, Windsor, and The Half Windsor. Kudos to you if you already know how to do any of the aforementioned.

Out of all the various methods, my favorite is probably the Half Windsor. It’s not the most common, but in my opinion, it is the most attractive.

Thinking back to our new Throwback Thursday feature, I can’t help but appreciate the Cary Grant reference turning the Windsor tutorial.

Check out this informative video and let us know your favorite tie in the comments below!

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