WATCH: ‘Frozen Is The New Black’ Is Basically The Best ‘Frozen’ Parody Around

Don't Sing 'Let It Go'
Times that it's definitely not OK to sing 'Let it Go'
Are you guys sick of Frozen parodies? Sorry! I’m not!

Especially when they’re really, really good parodies, like the one I’m sharing with you guys today. Ladies and gentlemen, please enjoy Frozen is the New Black, a hilarious, animated video that asks, “What would it be like if Elsa from Frozen was forced to go to princess prison?”

I can’t decide what I thought was funnier: Gaston as Pornstache or Snow White as Morello

After you’ve watched the above parody, make sure to watch a few more by the folks over at Only Leigh. I’m quite fond of this The Hobbit/Mean Girls mash up. Enjoy friends! And I promise this is the last Frozen parody I will ever share…maybe.