WATCH: Euro News Proudly Presents The Donkey And Zebra Hybrid Called The Zonkey

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Nothing is better than seeing a unique, beautiful animal wandering out in the world.

It immediately makes me think of the memorable quote, “that’s a horse of a different color’ from The Wizard of Oz.

Between you and me, this little donkey/zebra hybrid is much cuter than a horse.

Euro News presented the little clumsy baby hanging out with his mother. Watching him trying to walk is adorable. Clumsiness of babies, regardless of what species they are, is precious.

The little rambunctious zonkey looked very happy to be figuring out his way around the great big world.

Clearly all donkey at the bottom, you almost miss the zebra print on his legs, though it still sometimes manages to stick out. Born to a zebra mother and donkey father, it looks like he’ll be living a very fun, unique life.

Check out the adorable video above, and let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

By Erin Cosgrove

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