WATCH: Ellen DeGeneres Sends Her Writer To Serenade People [VIDEO]

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Making strangers feel incredibly uncomfortable seems to be a growing trend. It’s probably better (and safer) than the trends of the past. The most popular ones were coning, planking, and the cinnamon challenge. We recently learned how dangerous the cinnamon challenge was. Despite how funny those videos were (especially GloZell’s), I hope no one attempts the challenge again. Most of these challenges or trends issued could be potentially life-threatening or just plain idiotic.

Serenading people you don’t know using different song lyrics doesn’t seem like it could be that bad of a hobby as long as you don’t choose any offensive or inappropriate songs. Certain unsuspecting victims of your charades might not appreciate the song you’re singing, others might laugh, and some might feel so awkward that they’ll just smile and nod.

Ellen DeGeneres has yet another new segment on her show which she thoroughly enjoys. This time, she sends her writer, Amy, out and about to sing these songs. I was surprised her repertoire didn’t include any Taylor Swift or Justin Bieber songs. Odds are someone would be able to guess those songs with little to no hesitation.

This video is probably most enjoyable for someone like me who really enjoys all different types of music. Would I ever attempt this? No, not at all. Do I enjoy watching other people do things like this? Oh, yes, definitely!

Check out the video above and let us know what you think! Would YOU be brave enough to attempt this?

By Erin Cosgrove

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