WATCH: Ellen DeGeneres’ Haunted Hallway Prank [VIDEO]

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Anyone who tunes into Ellen during the Halloween season is definitely in for a treat. Audience members, guests and staff get tricked, but viewers online and at home only get to laugh at her antics,

Regular viewers know that Ellen DeGeneres enjoys pranks. Just think of the one she did to Taylor Swift in the bathroom. To this day, that’s my personal favorite. I’d actually like to see someone pull one on her just for a reaction.

This time around, she sent a viewer into her haunted house to see just how frightened she would be. You would think knowing you’re going into a haunted house you’d mentally prepare. Not this woman.

At one point she says, “I’m going to wet myself.” What is it with people using their pants as a toilet when they go on Ellen’s show?

Reactions of both the woman and Ellen are absolutely hilarious. Who knew someone being terrified could be so funny?

Check out what happens when you go into a haunted house presented by the comedian. Hilarity ensues. Proceed with caution.