WATCH: Elias And Zion Perform A Hit Kanye West Song For Ellen DeGeneres

On A Serious Note
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These are perhaps the most exuberant children I’ve ever seen.

To be fair, everyone would probably act this way upon meeting Ellen DeGeneres who just happens to be one of the coolest people ever.

Elias and Zion, seven-year-old twin brothers appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Zion excitedly exclaimed, “I love you” while jumping up and down before hugging the show’s host. Elias, who seems to enjoy compliments, yelled out, “cutie on the line!”

An adorable rendition of Kanye West’s song, “Gold Digger” came next. Ready to feel old?

Neither of these children were born when the song came out. It’s nine years old. Both know the words much better than I do.

Little Elias also got a solo interview with Ellen. Not only can he rap, but he’s also a piano prodigy. After conversing with DeGeneres for a little while, he performed, “The Solfeggietto” by Bach. If only I could play piano half as well as he could.

At such a young age he has already played at Carnegie Hall and appeared on Ellen’s show. Both of which were his dreams. I wonder what his new dreams will be.

Never before in any interview have I heard so many compliments or witnessed so many hugs. In case you were wondering, her hair is soft. Thank you for that extremely useful information, Elias.

If you need something to brighten your day, please check out the twins perform above and then check out the precious interview below! We promise it’ll put a smile on your face!