WATCH: Disney’s ‘Let It Go’ From ‘Frozen’ In 25 Languages

Disney’s latest masterpiece, Frozen, hasn’t even hit DVD yet and it already has so much attention.

The Oscar-nominated film, featuring the vocal talents of Idina Menzel and Kristen Bell, truly looks amazing.

Unfortunately, I’m one of those people who haven’t had the chance to watch it. I’d better get on that sooner rather than later.

Have you ever wanted to listen to the song in more than one language?

Probably not, right? Until now, I didn’t realize how much of a necessity this video was. It gives us a new view of the hit song, “Let it Go.” Menzel needs to perform this everywhere.

I almost love this song as much as I love “Defying Gravity” from Wicked. Almost.

You can figuratively take a trip around the world in just four minutes if you take the time to listen to this amazing version of the song.

Have you heard Frozen is going to Broadwaytoo? Will you be trying to score tickets?

If you love the original, unedited version of the song, you’ll love this. Check that out below and don’t forget to leave comments to let us know what you think!