WATCH: ‘Devil’s Due’ Baby Attack In New York City

Lighthearted Pranks
What would you do if someone sniffed you?
At first glance, if you had absolutely no idea what this video was for, you would probably be a little confused. If you’re someone who watches prank videos regularly, then you would probably have some inkling as to what they’re trying to achieve.

People of Youtube find it funny to frighten others. Remember the zombie drive-thru prank?

This one does seem to be a little crueler than most. Just imagine if you were walking through New York City minding your own business when you see an abandoned baby stroller traveling down the street. Your first thought would be to help, right? It would be an unpleasant surprise when this demon baby jumps out at you and screams.

The worst part is probably the projectile vomiting that accompanies the animatronic tot.

We now know this was a PR stunt to draw attention to the upcoming film, Devil’s Due. Young newlyweds unexpectedly become pregnant. In spite of the surprise, they decide to document the pregnancy. What they didn’t expect was the demonic presence joining them.

While viewing the trailer, I was reminded of both Paranormal Activity and The Last Exorcism. All three movies are in documentary format with some demonic themes included within the plot. The only movie with a demon baby that really springs to mind is Rosemary’s Baby. We all know how well those end for the characters involved!

Devil’s Due hits theaters January 17th and stars Zach Gilford and Allison Miller!

Check out the hilarious prank above, and then the creepy trailer below and let us know what you think in the comments below! Will you be rushing to the theater to watch this new movie?