WATCH: David Beckham & Prince William Chat About Fatherhood, Want You To Save The Rhinos

Diana and William
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Guys, when Prince William and David Beckham tell you to help save endangered species so that Prince George and Harper Beckham can grow up enjoying them, you listen.

So make sure to place close attention to the WildAid ad above featuring the famous Brits, alongside basketballer Yao Ming. In this ad, the three take turns telling us about their families before urging us to not buy rhino horns, ivory, or eat shark soup.

Are you paying attention yet? 

Not that I did any of those things, but there’s something about the future king of England telling me not to do it that makes me really want to listen. Wouldn’t it be treason not to?

Check out the video above, and the second ad that’s running below. Mostly the ads are targeting China and Vietnam, but I think we can all learn something, right?