WATCH: David Beckham Does The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Shirtless, But Chris Hemsworth Keeps His On

David Beckham In His Undies!
David Beckham is another soccer star who loves to strip down!
See men of Hollywood, this is how you’re supposed to do an ice bucket challenge. With your shirt off!

Thank goodness that David Beckham likes to have his shirt off most of the time anyway. The former soccer player took part in the latest craze to sweep the nation today after he was nominated by Ryan Seacrest.

David took his shirt off and took the cold like a pro. It was impressive. Sadly, Chris Hemsworth didn’t the get the shirtless memo.  

But, at least Chris Hemsworth wore a tank top so we did get a look at his great muscles. Chris’ video is below for your viewing pleasure. There are two things that fascinated me about these challenges:

  1. How do the celebs choose who to call out? David nominated Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan and Leonardo DiCaprio, while Chris went with Jeremy Renner, Mark Ruffalo and Chris Evans.
  2. DO CELEBRITIES NOT OWN CAMERAS OF HIGHER QUALITY?!?! Seriously, every video–especially the shirtless ones–are exceptionally blurry. It’s 2014 guys, come on.

Also, the total donations for the ALS foundation this year are currently at $22.9 million, about $7 million more than yesterday. So you might think it’s silly, but damn it, it’s working. Please enjoy both David and Chris’ videos, and click here for our hot dude ice bucket challenge round up. Happy Tuesday, friends.