WATCH: Daniel Radcliffe Answers 73 Questions About Himself, Becomes Even More Awesome

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Radcliffe Has Weird Hair On The Set Of 'Frankenstein'
You guys, I’m crushing hard on Daniel Radcliffe right now.

I thought that it peeked yesterday with the hair and how open he is to talking about his acting past. But I was wrong. It has clearly peaked today with Vogue’s 73 Questions with Daniel Radcliffe.

You’ve seen their 73 Questions bit before, right? It’s a single shot with the celebrity, doing things and being asked 73 questions. In Daniel’s case they meet for ping-pong. 

Which, I might add, Dan is really good at. From this we learned that Central Park is his favorite place in New York City, his favorite show on TV is The Colbert Report, he would totally choose puppies over kitten (“Puppies! Who chooses kittens?”) and even the weirdest thing he’s ever done for a role. Hint: it involves wax and his ass.

We also got an insight into his poetry, his love life and a very important Harry Potter secret that only Daniel knew! Check out the video above and prepare to fall even more in love with the man. No really, it’s possible. Enjoy!