WATCH: Cute Katy Puppy Covers Katy Perry’s ‘California Girls’ [VIDEO]

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Katy Perry tries two unique looks on the cover of Elle!
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Animals are known to do some pretty spectacular things. Katy Puppy and her friend, Snoop Dog are no exception to the rule. Those two, in addition to some more of their furry friends, provided us with an excellent cover of “California Girls” by Katy Perry. Their version has been renamed “California Grrs”. Our star barks along in perfect time to the karaoke version of the song.

The candy necklace bling on Ms. Katy Puppy is way too cute! Snoop Dog has got to be the coolest animal in the video, shades and all. Two superstars in the making! The oversized Milk-Bones and the “Petwood” sign were both very nice touches.

I can’t figure out which part of the video was my favorite! The whole thing is kind of a big ball of cuteness! Hopefully the star doesn’t become too much of a diva.