WATCH: Cookie Monster Becomes Leonardo DiCaprio In ‘The Wolf Of Sesame Street’ Parody For ‘The Wolf Of Wall Street’

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Have you seen Leonardo DiCaprio and his girlfriend, Toni?
If you haven’t watched The Wolf of Wall Street, then you definitely need to. Leonardo DiCaprio didn’t win the Oscar for his performance, but he was definitely deserving of it.

Within the next few years, the incredibly talented actor will win the prestigious award, it’s required.

Until then, you can treat yourself to this hilarious parody. Allow me to provide you with some insight on what you’re about to watch.

The Cookie Monster plays the role of Jordan Belfort and Elmo is his partner in business. They go through their lives partying and enjoying all the cookies they can possible receive. Much to his dismay, our dear Cookie Monster has less than a million cookies a month. The horror!

Matthew McConaughey makes a little cameo as well.

I do have one question though. Is his safe word “cookie” or is it “wolfie”? Think of the Venice scene and you’ll know exactly what I’m referring to!

Take a moment to watch this hilarious parody! View carefully, the ending is NSFW!

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