WATCH: Conan O’Brien And Dave Franco Join Tinder & The Results Are Hilarious

Dave Franco In GQ
The actor works the nerdy, hunky look.
What would you do if you were surfing Tinder and saw two people who looked a lot like Conan O’Brien and Dave Franco?

Because if you live in their area and saw that this week, it was totally them. Conan and Dave joined the dating app (hook-up app?) this week, and the results were hilarious.

Their fake names were great, the fact that Conan kept getting paired with people over 50 was hysterical and the final outcome of them going out to meet their Tinder date was fantastic. 

Especially because they did it in a super creepy van filled with duct tape. Check out the video above and prepare to laugh a lot. And in case that wasn’t enough for you, please enjoy the outtakes below, which are equally as awesome. I love these two.