WATCH: Comedic Break-Up Using Only Movie Titles

Comic Relief
Hilarious! Mean Girls as told by cats.
Imagine if we conversed using only movie titles.

It probably wouldn’t be too difficult considering all the different movies included, though we would drop a verb or an adjective here and there. On second thought, I’ll keep speaking my way.

Conversing with only movie titles is only good in a video like the one above! Hilarity ensues, breaking the stereotypical sorrowful break-up scene.

If only the break-ups which shocked us most would have gone that way.

We get to see a couple on a dinner date. The woman is clearly very pregnant. Her husband seems to be coming from a long day at the office.

Right from the off, you’ll notice something is off. Her body language and tone are all wrong.

Oh, no! The impending doom of a break-up.

Don’t worry, it’s not as awful as the real ones. A comedic waitress stepping in helps ease the tension and provide comic relief.

In this relationship, there are secrets, but what are they?

Check out the video to find out!

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