WATCH: Chris Pratt Talks About That Time He Flashed Amy Poehler During ‘Parks And Recs’, But It’s Super Serious

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No no, really, you’re not allowed to laugh because this is something that Chris Pratt is not supposed to joke about.

At least that’s what NBC told him. But I mean, come, does anyone actually listen to NBC? Yeah, that’s what we thought. Chris was continuing his quest to be one of the most adorable people in Hollywood last night, and that sent him to Late Night With Seth Meyers. And that’s when the fun started.

Chris told a story about how once while filming Parks and Recreation, he flashed co-star Amy Poehler with his junk. 

In the scene she was supposed to be shocked by his nudity, and when fake nudity didn’t elicit the right reaction, he went full on naked. He was then reprimanded by NBC for the stunt, but honestly, the reaction was what mattered!

Check out the video above and prepare to fall even more in love with Chris Pratt. I am Team Pratt all the way. And please enjoy some of his best Parks and Rec bloopers below because I love you.

By Sabba Rahbar

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