WATCH: Charlie Sheen Is Super Drunk But Really Nice At A Taco Bell Drive Thru

Before we get started, can I just say that I love Charlie Sheen. I think he’s a crazy person, but my god, does he amuse the shit out of me.

So you’ll understand my joy today when I opened up the internet to find this video of Charlie super, duper drunk at a Taco Bell drive thru. For some reason, Charlie is out of his car, and he goes over to talk with a couple of fans.

And thank the gossip gods, they recorded the whole thing. 

Charlie starts us off with, “”Sorry I’m so fucking hammered.” They shake hands, they chat, Charlie shows them his tattoo, it’s all very sweet in a “Charlie Sheen could totally vomit on me any second” sort of way.

Still, as hard as Charlie tries, nothing will ever match up to his dad Martin Sheen’s super drunk video…which just happens to be the opening of Apocalypse Now. Martin was actually drunk, and when he hit the mirror, he broke it for real. That is his real blood. Watch Charlie’s hilarious drunk video above, then Martin’s slightly more distrubing one below. Now we need a video of drunk Emilio Estevez. Get on it!