WATCH: Charlie Hunnam Sheds His ‘Sons Of Anarchy’ Look For His New Calvin Klein Ad

July 2nd, 2014 // 6 Comments
Charlie Hunnam Calvin Klein Reveal
Oh my god! The sex appeal!
Charlie Hunnam's Sexy Smile
Charlie Hunnam Flashes A Smile On The Set Of 'Sons Of Anarchy'
Charlie Hunnam shows of his smile on the 'Sons Of Anarchy' set Read More »

UPDATE PART 2: The original video is back! Enjoy! But if you want to watch the montage too, it is below. 

UPDATE: Well, unfortunately we were asked to take the video down. So instead, I’ve found a montage of Charlie Hunnam being sexy for you, courtesy of YouTuber Ashley Taylor. Enjoy!

OK, so apparently this ad has been out in the world since June 25 and nobody bothered to tell me about it?! How rude.

But lucky for me (and you) I have found this super sexy video of Charlie Hunnam being super sexy for an upcoming ad campaign.

But honestly, who cares because Charlie looks so beyond amazing I feel like I need to take a moment and compose myself. 

Watch the video above and enjoy it. And before you say it, you’re welcome.

By Sabba Rahbar

  1. sjb

    Funny to name a fragrance “Reveal” when such things were invented to “Mask” odors of those who didn’t bathe often. LOLOL

  2. Meme

    A giant FUCK YOU to all those morons who didn’t think Charlie was hot enough to play Christan Grey in that clusterfuck of a movie. The man is smoking hot.

  3. Meme

    A giant fuck you to all those morons who didn’t find Holy Hot Hunnam hot enough to in that clusterfuck known as 50SOG

  4. Meme

    Charlie is sex on legs

  5. Lulu

    Charlie gives an EF you to all the soccer moms who,didn’t think he could be Mr. Grey. A an is smoking hot.

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