WATCH: Cattle Dog Befriends And Looks After An Adorable Disabled Kitten

May 6th, 2014 // Leave a Comment
An Unlikely Pair
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Just when I thought I was impervious to the sweetness that is a friendship between animals, this video crossed my radar.

There is just something about two different species coexisting that gives me the warm fuzzies.

But what is it that makes the friendship between Ralphee and Max so adorable?

I think what really won me over is how the little kitten hops around and his canine friend just watching, or decides to play along with the game.

It’s a shame that he’s disabled, but that doesn’t make him look any less sweeter.

All I could think of is Lilly Ghalichi’s dog, Coconut, while watching how Ralphee pranced around. Poor Coconut has a disability too, and often runs around in circles.

To see more of the precious animals, check out the video above!Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

By Erin Cosgrove

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