WATCH: Cat Opens Sliding Glass Door For Puppy Friends [VIDEO]

The Cat's Out Of The...Jar?
Watch this kitten play with her new toy.
You gotta love it when animals give each other a helping hand. In this case, a very clever cat opens a sliding glass door for its puppy friends.

We have for more videos below, including a kitty who can keep its eyes open, a pug dog bounces up the stairs, a dog who multitasks on a treadmill, plus one very helpful and talented dog!

That is one tired kitty.

It’s a bouncing pug!

A dog tries to grab a ball while on the treadmill.

Jackson gets ready to play Frisbee: opens the door from outside, closes the door, gets the remote, finds his Frisbee, gets his water bottle from the fridge, closes the fridge, and stretches his paws.

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