WATCH: Ben McKenzie Wants Judy Greer, But It’s Too Bad Cause She’s Just The Best Friend

Ben McKenzie Strips
All in the name of comedy - for a Funny or Die video.
You guys know Judy Greer, right? She’s an amazing actress who generally shows up on screen as the “best friend.”

So even when she runs into super hottie Ben McKenzie who is 100% INTERESTED IN HER, she turns him away. But it’s hilarious. This latest Funny or Die exclusive is out to promote Judy’s new book, I Don’t Know What You Know Me From: Confessions of a Co-Star.

It is pretty hilarious seeing the life of the movie best friend. Like, what does she do when her friend is gone? 

Apparently, try to hook her up with hot dudes like Ben. Check out the video above and prepare to laugh. And feel sad. And swoon over Ben. Side note: I’m so excited about Gotham. What do you guys think of the best friend concept? Sound off in the comments!