WATCH: Australian Dude Tries Out The 100 Worst Pick Up Lines [VIDEO]

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Pick Up Artist
WTF did you just say to me?
Dancing By Myself
Dance Like Nobody’s Watching At The Airport
Just a girl dancing alone in the middle of an airport. Watch »

Oh dear.

These are the worst pick up lines as well as some of the most offensive pick up lines ever uttered, and Australian prankster Adrian Van Oyen makes them seem even worse than they already are.

Plus, he tries them all out on unsuspecting women. Hilarity does not ensue for these unlucky ladies.

Do not try these on your own, unless you’re expecting a kick in the balls.

Keeping with the theme of just awful, the “magic” behind Rebecca Black’s “Friday” is back with a new song! 

Meet Tweenchronic, a tween duo! They sing about skipping rope. I apologize for posting this already.

By Michael Prieve

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