WATCH: Audi Attacks The Superbowl With The Doberhuahua!

One In The Same
This is what happens when dogs imitate babies.
Sometimes a hybrid is a good thing, right?

Think of those delicious chicken fries Burger King used to have! If you never tried them, you were missing out.

In this big game commercial, a couple are debating what kind of canine friend they would like. Torn, they naturally decide to try to compromise.

Thus the Doberhuahua is born!

A Doberman and Chihuahua sounds nice enough, right? Wrong.

Audi shows us that the hybrid causes chaos to ensue. Nothing goes right when they’re created.

Poor Sarah McLachlan can’t even film one of those incredibly sad ASPCA commercials with one of the dogs present.

Compromise isn’t always the best and Audi doesn’t think it’s necessary either. They never compromise when it comes to their cars.

Check out the hilarious and somewhat strange video above!

Would you buy a Doberhuahua?