WATCH: Anna Kendrick Parodies 90s Kids TV In This Cut ‘Saturday Night Live’ Sketch

April 7th, 2014 // Leave a Comment
Anna Kendrick 'Saturday Night Live' 'Zap'
Everyone was on drugs

This weekend we all got to see the amazing human that is Anna Kendrick host Saturday Night Live. And it was AWESOME.

I thought we’d seen all the good stuff on the actual broadcast, but my favorite sketch just might be the unaired one that we got treated to today. The sketch features Anna and the Saturday Night Live cast recreating the story of the Nickelodeon kids show, Zap.

While Zap itself wasn’t real, it does seem to be modeled after the PBS show Zoom. So, the sketch asks, how did the kids stay so chipper all the time? The answer? 

Speed. Seriously, it’s hysterical. Also, I appreciate that Kenan Thompson is in the sketch, as he was a 90s Nickelodeon actor. Check out the video above and prepare to laugh! Oh, and for your viewing pleasure, the Zoom opening from 1999 is below!

By Sabba Rahbar

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