WATCH: Andrew Garfield Struggles With Gender Identity In Arcade Fire’s Stunning ‘We Exist’ Video

Andrew Garfield in GIFS!
Clearly, the best way to enjoy him.
Honestly, I have no words for Arcade Fire’s latest music video other than to say it’s stunning. Stunning. And now we finally know why Andrew Garfield shaved his head.

The Amazing Spider-Man star totally sheds his superhero image to star in the music video as a person struggling with identity issues. In just 6 short minutes, Andrew gets us into the mind of his character and truly makes you feel for him.

Now that is some serious skill as an actor. The beauty of the song doesn’t hurt either. 

A portion of the music video was filmed at the band’s Coachella performance, and since Andrew was in full drag I’m not surprised no one noticed him. Unless you did, in which case bravo.

Now watch the video above and try not to cry too much. This better win any and all music video awards ever.