WATCH: An Amazing Cheerios Spoof In Response To Racist Haters

The haters were out in full force when Cheerios released and advertisement that featured a little girl whose mother was white, and gasp, her father was black!

The racist comments were so bad on Facebook and YouTube, that Cheerios had to disable comments on their YouTube video.

In response to the backlash, YouTube director and comedian Kenji America created a spoof of the ad that cleverly adds in even more potentially controversial elements. Watch the spoof below along with the original ad. 

Created by Kenji America, the video features a cute little girl “just checking” with her white mother that in 2013, the “way our family looks shouldn’t be such a big deal?” The best part, however, is that when the little girl runs off to the other room (and you expect her to pour the box of cereal on to her dad) there’s a black woman covered in Cheerios asking “What? Now THIS is a problem?”

Amazing! Screw the haters!

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