WATCH: Amy Schumer Has A Bizarre & Insightful Conversation With A Fantastic 106 Year Old Woman

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Amy Schumer illustrates how bad women take compliments.
Comedy Central comedian, Amy Schumer, can sometimes make me laugh. Other times, I find myself rolling my eyes at her attempts to be funny.

Somehow I managed to be impressed by the fact she interviewed a 106-year-old woman.

In true Schumer tradition, she did push the envelope, though he guest remained unaffected. How she responded was actually brilliant.

Assuming you’re like me, you wouldn’t expect an elderly woman to be okay with some inappropriate jokes. For example, the blonde asked if the best thing about being her age is that she doesn’t have to use condoms.

Luckily, things became less shocking as the ladies delved into more serious issues such as racism, prohibition, and The Great Depression.

Speaking openly about the country’s past hardships, Ms. Downing explained that her family had the ability to make one can of salmon last them two nights. Schumer joked that Comedy Central wishes that’s how she ate.

Over the years, the remarkable woman learned that she could have some great friendships with black people. Seeing her become so nervous over the word “black” as a descriptor was actually really adorable!

Check out the video above to see the humorous and informative interview! Leave any thoughts in the comments below!