WATCH: All Of Shirtless Zac Efron Is Here For You In A Movie Moments Supercut

You know those moments in life when we see something we didn’t know we needed and suddenly everything feels right?

That’s how I feel about this supercut of all the times Zac Efron was shirtless on screen. Every. Single. Time. And oh my goodness, it’s glorious.

From the first time we saw him shirtless as the just-too-pretty Troy Bolton in High School Musical, to his latest shirtless outing in Neighbors. The man is beautiful. 

So watch the video above. Watch and enjoy. And since it’s only a minute long, if you need to watch it a bunch more times, that’s totally cool. I may or may not have already done that.

Side note: I clearly need to see The Paperboy, cause there’s lots of shirtless Zefron in his tighty whities. And quite honestly, he is pulling it off.