WATCH: Adorable 12-Year-Old Ryan Gosling Talks Up ‘Mickey Mouse Club’ [VIDEO]

Ryan Gosling Gets Crazy
And shows off his sexy body on screen.
Ryan Gosling Is Cool
Photos of Ryan Gosling at his coolest.
In celebration of the 40th anniversary of Canada AM, the morning news show has unearthed a ton of vintage interviews with Canadian talent, including Drake, Alanis Morissette, Avril Lavigne and a young Ryan Gosling interview just after he was cast on Disney’s The All New Mickey Mouse Club.

Gosling beat out 15,000 other young actors and had the distinct honor of being Canada’s only Mouseketeer.

“I hit the roof. It was so fun,” Gosling said when asked what he did when he learned he landed the role. “My mother and I, we were just like jumping around … It was amazing.”

“The people of Disney are so incredibly amazing they are so nice. They treated us like we were kings and queens.” he said.

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