WATCH: Adam Levine & Maroon 5 Strut Their Stuff On ‘Today’

I have to say that I’m a little bit disappointed. Why was Adam Levine wearing a loose long sleeve sweater?

While I would have preferred him shirtless, at least he could have worn a tight t-shirt during Maroon 5’s performance on Today this morning in New York City. It was a little chilly, but come on. Man it up.

Adam and the boys played “One More Night,” “Love Somebody” and “Payphone” for a very excited crowd! 

Savannah Guthrie wondered if Levine had started sharing a few “pointers” with his bandmates like he does on The Voice.

“No, they definitely don’t like that!” said Levine, then corrected himself: “And I don’t do that.”

But when his bandmates were queried, they all said “no comment.”

“No comment!” cried Levine. “See, he hates me.”

Check out a few of the Maroon 5 performances from the show.

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