WATCH: Adam Lambert Rocks The Star-Spangled Banner

June 24th, 2013 // 29 Comments
Adam Lambert Sings At Broadway Bares
He is so talented, it's ridiculous.
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Adam Lambert, as if you could get any more perfect than you already are!

The ridiculously amazing singer took the stage at Broadway Bares last night to bust out the most amazing rendition of The Star-Spangled Banner since Whitney Houston stunned us in 1992. And thanks to a glorious person on YouTube, we get to watch it!

He’s just there, on his own, belting that song out and it’s amazing. Y’all, Adam Lambert makes us happy. Check out the video and tell us how much you love it in the comments! Where does Adam’s version rank on your list of favorite Star-Spangled Banners? Cause it’s basically number 1 for me.

By Sabba Rahbar
  1. SoozinCA

    Definitely #1 for me – I’ve never heard it done better anywhere by anyone. There are not enough superlatives in the English language to describe Adam’s voice. Big time major goosebumps from this rendition. He should be named the country’s performer laureate, and sing the National Anthem at all official occasions and major sporting events.

  2. Definitely gotta be #1 for me also! Beautiful,powerful,and pitch perfect!!!

  3. He is unmatched in the music scene today, no one even comes close. Just an astonishing performer, just wish we had the whole rendition …Ok gonna re-watch it again

  4. The man simply has NO Peer. None. League of his own. Period…and this rendition…Absolute. PERFECTION.

  5. Sam

    Adam’s version ranks at number 1 on my list of favorite Star-Spangled Banners too!


  7. That was incredible!!! He is one of the best singers in the world!!!!

  8. Bobs

    No question…number 1.

  9. Nan

    Adam never ceases to amaze me. His talent is incomparable. Love the riffs and high notes. And to think he did this a capella. Can’t wait to see him live in concert again. Oh, and did I mention he is absolutely gorgeous!!!!! Total package.

  10. This man gives me chills EVERY TIME HE SINGS Definitely #1

  11. Lorelei

    He can sing anything…brilliantly. WOW!

    I hope the full version leaks by July 4th! ;)

  12. Rich

    wow !! top shelf with Smokey Robinson’s SSB.

  13. Lory

    Needs to sing at the next Super Bowl. PERIOD. Forget Christina, Beyonce, Madonna, etc He’s the one.

  14. lw

    I’ve watched this more times than I should admit to, no one will beat that Whitney version from way back but this is a top notch version :)

  15. way

    That was great. Better than Beyoncé’s recorded version.

  16. donna

    Unfreakingbelievable………LOVE IT!! #ONE!!!

  17. Musicgirl

    i have no words for this…. Did he actually hit a High C in “free”? and just how many octaves did he cover here? Stunned.

  18. Judy Lushman

    Omg #1 for sure. Who sings like this? Adam Lambert. That’s who.

  19. TLS

    Amazing performance. Just Adam Lambert’s clear perfect voice.

  20. Susie

    I’ve never heard such power, such emotion, such skill and technique. He is par none. So proud to be a Glambert. He is number one, in my opinion.

  21. Mr. Man

    Stunning, amazing, he is mesmerizing, he owns a stage, his voice is just…i could listen to and watch him forever. But I have kids and a job and a life and all that…yet, I’m gonna go watch this for the 3rd time!

  22. Altho I will always adore his simple, heartfelt MCAS Mirimar version best (, Adam absolutely nailed this version at Broadway Bares tailored to his audience, constructing a defiant and stunning over-the-top-in-the-best-way rendition with notes that could drop the jaws of even the most jaded of Broadway veterans who filled the audience. SAAAAANG ADAM!

  23. jack

    unbelievable-ly great

  24. Adam does it again! We know he’s an amazing vocalist but boy sneaks up on us yet again & makes our jaws dropped! He is FABULOUS! :D

  25. sasha

    Can’t tell you how many times I’ve listened to this one as well as his rendition at the Miramar back in 2009. His talent is beyond measure.

  26. kiddio

    Adam’s version is absolutely, without a doubt #1!! His voice is out of this world, in a league of his own. I am enthralled by his talent!

  27. Kat23


  28. LadyRaynbow

    As all Glamberts know, Adam always brings every one of his well-honed skills that overflow his GB-sized bag of theatrical/musical/performer/entertainer tricks to the table. The top-notch, unique delivery, body language, energetics, attitude & vocal prowess he brought to this stage…with his rendition of The Star Spangled Banner…shows his complete & utter mastery of any genre or audience one could conceivably throw his way to command.

  29. glamplz

    Love Love Love Adam rendition of The Star Spangled Banner. His talent is unmatched and he can bring it so effortlessly. He is and always will be my No.1 in his talents and the way he leads all aspects of his life.

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