WATCH: A Must-See Compilation Of Squeaking Sloths Kristen Bell Would Approve Of

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Never before had I ever heard of a squeaking sloth. After watching this video once or twice (okay, three times), I’m a little disappointed I’ve never experienced it before.

Notorious for moving slow, they take their time crawling on the grass, or up a log, communicating with everyone within earshot.

Of course, whenever I think of sloths, I think of Kristen Bell who has admitted her love for them in the past.

Remember back in 2012 when she was telling Ellen DeGeneres about the fantastic birthday present Dax Shepard got her for her 31st birthday? Overcome with excitement, she completely had a little panic attack induced by a sloth being a guest at her home.

Another year later, the brilliance continued when she was pregnant with her daughter appeared back on the show. The blonde beauty was surprised with a sloth named Lola. Her reaction is lovely.

If you haven’t watched that yet, check that out below and then watch the squeaking sloths below! Leave us your thoughts in the comments below!