WATCH: A Baby Tiger And A Chihuahua Bring On The Cuteness [VIDEO]

November 9th, 2012 // 4 Comments
Thanks cat.
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A Baby Tiger And A Chihuahua Bring On The Cuteness
A tiger and a Chihuahua, why not?

Strange playmates. What do you get when a tiger baby and a Chihuahua hang out? Some major cuteness! Watch above!

Below, we have a few more adorable animal videos for you: A puppy enjoys a little tune on a guitar, a six-day-old baby elephant enjoys his first bath, a cat fight fail, and a doggy who loves playing the bells.

Golden Retriever Puppy Listening To Me Play Guitar

Navann, a 6-day-old baby elephant, has his first encounter with water.

Never close your eyes.

Conducted by their owner, two dogs deliver a musical improvisation in the pentatonic scale on bells.

By Michael Prieve

  1. gryke1

    I’d like to check back with these 2 in another couple of months. You’ll be able to find the video titled something like: “Tiger Cub Really Likes Mexican Food.”

  2. OhMyPet

    Wild animals aren’t pets. These kinds of videos sell the false image of a wild animal able to be domesticated, and that is a lie, it’s dangerous for the owners and bad for the animals. At most you can distort the animal nature by artificially prolonging the “cub stage”, denying the animal the factors that usually trigger their normal survival instincts. But those instincts are still there. Egotism and hedonism can’t be disguised as empathy for those species when what they need is to be in the nature, and if they can’t –because they are being hunted to extinction- at least they should be located at the best next option, a reserve where they can be kept with the minimum of disturbance. Most private owners can’t afford that. But if we don’t care that much I guess we can still use them as living exotic toys.

  3. You do realize all animals were wild at some point, right? I’m not advocating this behavior, but all animals are able to be domesticated. It’s a matter of how many generations before their instincts change and bodies adapt. You know the dogs we know and love weren’t always existent.

  4. Carla

    It took thousands of years for humans to domesticate the wolf to a dog, not a few generations. Wild animals are not pets, period. Animals do not exist for our pleasure and entertainment. Just because its small and cute doesn’t mean it won’t eat you when it’s an adult. Ohmypet is completely correct.

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