Was There a Rush Hour 2?

Who in the hell was waiting for a sequel to Rush Hour besides Chris Tucker’s best friend Michael Jackson? Anyway, things on the set of Rush Hour 3 (I swear I didn’t know there was a Rush Hour 2) are interesting . Chris Tucker is getting paid 25 million, but has locked himself in his trailer until all his script demands are met. And director Brett Ratner is trying to bang every attractive extra that he can.

On the same set, horndog director Brett Ratner “sends an assistant named Scott around to every female extra, collecting phone numbers in a too obvious, not-so-suave way,” the source said. “Scott commands these $150-a-day actress-hopefuls to give him their phone numbers simply because ‘the director wants it.’ “

A rep for Ratner, who has dated Rebecca Gayheart and Serena Williams, said, “That’s ridiculous. If Brett wants a phone number, he’ll get it himself.”

Well he did direct X-Men 3, so maybe there are some hot comic book geek chicks on the set who want to wrestle with the guy who let Kitty Pryde call the Juggernaut a “dickhead”. Yes, I’m one of those chicks! Anyway, I don’t blame Tucker for demanding the script be perfect. Rush Hour 3 should have the emotional weight and dignity of a Merchant-Ivory film. Granted it’s about the racial hilarity that ensues when a brotha from the U.S. can’t understand an Asian karate master but still, any topic can be handled sensitively.

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